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While it’s true that some iGaming software providers appear out of nowhere and quickly become market leaders, AGS’s path is very different. Following its own way, the company now provides slot machines, table games, card games, and more to a wide variety of casinos both online and off. AGS has been around for quite some time, making software, so it has plenty of experience.

Origin of AGS

You would have to go all the way back to 2001 to find the beginnings of AGS. American Gaming Systems’ foundation was laid in February. However, the company’s roots trace back to the 1990s, thus it was already in the process of developing before this. Since AGS’s inception, it has delivered Class II Bingo and Lottery games, so the company has a history of compliance with Native American gambling legislation. The incorporation of them onto Native American casino lands did not necessitate a license.



Soon after, AGS was able to take advantage of new legal loopholes and begin developing Class III games for traditional casinos. It was founded in 2005 after being acquired by Alpine Investments. In 2013, it hired David Lopez as CEO, and later that year, it bought the rights to use the Colossal Gaming Design Studio name. In 2014, after changing its name to “AGS,” the company released its first table games.


Soon later, in 2016, it had finished acquiring RocketPlay and was offering slot games. The organization has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Employers for the past four years.

Casinos Online Licensed by the A.G.S.


You can expect something a little different if you sign up with an online casino that uses AGS software. The developer’s games are not available at several of the industry’s most prominent gambling portals. Instead, you’ll be able to find them on the lesser-known platforms, which will make using their lobbies a completely new and exciting adventure. It’s fair to say that they’re most common at American brick-and-mortar casinos. The fact that the business is located in a rural area makes shipping and setting up the cabinets a breeze.


However, you can now find its games online at a few reputable international gambling portals. Therefore, those who live in countries other than the United States may have the opportunity to enjoy AGS titles via an online gaming portal. There aren’t many slot releases that can be directly attributed to the corporation, but that doesn’t matter.


What percentage of the games it contains actually deserve to be called fun? You’ve arrived to the correct place if you’re looking for a highly-recommended AGS casino with a solid reputation.


If you want to play this developer’s games, we can recommend the best online casinos where you can do so.

Intro to Slots from AGS Available Online


The slots made by AGS have a wide variety of themes to choose from. There are currently roughly 40 titles available at most online casinos, with more on the way. All of them exist in the form of video slot games, which is to be expected given that AGS didn’t start developing online games of this type until 2016. Several of them, like “Mermaid’s Fortune,” “Aztec Chief,” and “Wolf Queen,” borrow concepts from competing slot machines.


You can tell the AGS releases apart from other games by their unique visual style and animations. These are still of a high standard, but they are part of an unconventional design.


And the company’s slot games typically have return to player percentages (RTPs) that are barely below the industry standard of 96%. That’s not fantastic in general, but it doesn’t detract from the fun of the games. The games in its library, however, have all been audited by third-party firms to ensure they are completely random and fair.


The majority of AGS slot machines use high variance levels, while a small number remain at the medium volatility level.

Strategic Alliance of AGS


Bringing AGS and Alpine Investments together in 2005 was unquestionably a big deal for the company’s development. It was instrumental in launching AGS, which went on to expand into online gaming by acquiring additional businesses.


Disadvantages of AGS Video Games

Contact the casino’s customer service department if you run into any technical problems or other concerns while playing AGS games. There, agents are available at all hours to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any gaming-related technical issues. Do yourself a favor and never ask AGS for assistance with this again. If you have a complaint and the online casino’s personnel doesn’t resolve it to your satisfaction, they will take it to the next level.


Are AGS Slots and Casinos something you should try?

For the time being, the fact that AGS slots are not available at many casinos adds to their allure. This distinguishes them from the vast majority of online casinos, which feature games developed by Microgaming or Play’n Go, among others. The allure of signing up with a casino that offers AGS games is amplified by the fact that these establishments typically come with enticing promotional offers.

FAQs from the AGS


Can I play these AGS slot machines for nothing?


Yes, this developer’s games can be played for free or for real money.


Where can I get the most out of my AGS casino bonus?


If you want to know more about the most recent and best AGS incentives, just come back to our page. They’ll be highlighted so you can find them easily.


Any insider tips for the AGS slot machines?


All spin results in slot machines are generated arbitrarily and independently by random number generators (RNGs). So, you can’t fool them into giving you a different answer. Just keep on gambling, but do so in a sensible manner.

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